If you’ve read the ‘About me’ section, you’ll know that I am certainly not an expert when it comes to this sewing malarkey. My husband thinks that I could rival Nigella for the title of Domestic Goddess (bless him) and that everything I create is fabulous. However, when it comes to choosing sewing projects, rather like the lovely Nigella, I tend to choose those that look impressive but that actually aren’t too complex to create. I also like projects that I can run up on my sewing-machine in an afternoon so that I can get an instant ‘sewing fix’.

My poor sewing-machine has languished in its box since we moved into our new house last September as I just haven’t had enough space to set it up. I have therefore been satisfying my sewing urges with hand-sewing and, inspired by the delectable Flossie Teacakes, have been trying to master the art of English paper-piecing.  In the process, my husband has been entertained by the new terms that I have learned such as ‘dresden-plate’, ‘suffolk-puff’ (or yo-yo) and was somewhat alarmed when he came across an online search that I had initiated for ‘sexy hexy love’ (I was looking for Amy Butler’s hexagonal quilt). Hand-sewing requires very little room and is a very portable activity. It’s also nice to be able to continue conversations whilst sitting in the living-room with a glass of wine and the cat.

 As lovely as hand-sewing can be, it is time-consuming and I fear that it will soon be time to bite the bullet and unearth my sewing machine as Christmas is approaching and I have made the decision that, this year, I will attempt to make at least one item for each of my family and friends. I hope that they will appreciate my hand-sewn offerings rather than an unimaginative box of chocolates (although, for the record, I am partial to anything from Hotel Chocolat ). I am aware that I am going to have to crack on if I intend to achieve this so I have been scouring the internet for ideas. Whilst most of my gifts will be made using my sewing-machine, I may also try to make a few tasty treats such as cake-pops and homemade sweets.

So, I will keep you updated on my present-making odyssey. Keep checking back for updates and for entertaining pictures of our chocolate-covered kitchen (I am a somewhat messy cook…).