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Unfortunately, our much anticipated trip to the Lake District this weekend has had to be postponed as I have come down with a rather interesting illness known as labyrinthitis (or an infection of the inner-ear). Essentially, this means that I constantly feel like I have been drinking as the room spins every time I move my head. It is much worse when I lie down so I am slightly delirious from a lack of sleep. What better time then to write a blog post!

The main excitement this week was the arrival of issue 6 of Love Patchwork and Quilting:

Front of Love Patchwork and Quilting

I absolutely love this magazine. It is a great read and is full of bright, lovely projects. I particularly like the Cathedral Window quilt, designed by Jo Avery, shown on the front cover of this issue. I actually visited Jo’s store Avery Homestore (which is currently being rebranded as My Bearpaw) in Edinburgh last year and had to be restrained from spending obscene amounts of money on all of the lovely fabric.

This month’s project was a patchwork teddybear made using the pattern provided in Issue 5 of Love Patchwork and Quilting:

Teddy instructions 1                 Teddy instructions

I am quite pleased with this little chap (we’ve called him Henry) but I did experience a few issues whilst constructing him. Accurate cutting is not my forte and I struggled to understand how the pieces fitted together. I usually prefer photos in tutorials rather than diagrams as it’s just a little bit easier to see what you’re supposed to do. Nevertheless, he doesn’t look too different from the picture so not a bad attempt!

Front of Patchwork teddy 2

Front of patchwork teddy 1

Back of patchwork teddy

Last weekend, we went to visit my Mother in law in the Peak District. She very kindly gave me this beautiful tin of buttons:

Button tin

Open button tin

I don’t know which I like more; the tin or the buttons! The husband tells me that he used to play with these as a child so it feels quite nice to be given something with a little bit of history.

I also spent a bit of time last weekend sorting through a box of resources and paperwork from my PGCE year. I completed this over six years ago and at the end of the training I decided that mainstream teaching just wasn’t for me. It seemed to be so focussed on paperwork, politics and classroom-management that the actual learning appeared to have been forgotten. But perhaps I was a little idealistic. Sorting through my carefully crafted resources and lesson plans, I felt just a little bit sad. I know that I made the right decision but the slight feeling of failure still remains. Still, I have to remember that if I’d decided to go into teaching, the husband probably wouldn’t have married me (the amount of laminating he had to do really wasn’t acceptable..) and I’d never have had the time to take up sewing. So every cloud has a silver lining!

Before I end today’s post, here is a picture of the lovely fabric that arrived yesterday:

Vin du jour fabric

This fabric (part of the French-inspired Vin du Jour range designed by Three Sisters for Moda) will hopefully be used in my first proper quilt. But more about that in my next post….

April x