I am happy to report that I am finally beginning to recover from the horrid inner-ear infection. However, the past couple of months have not been particularly fun. My energy levels have been severely depleted and I couldn’t do much sewing as a result. At one point I tried to sew a Suffolk-puff (a little hand-sewn yo-yo) and I was so exhausted that I had to go back to bed! So I’ve been feeling just a little depressed and the poor husband has had to endure quite a few evenings of sobbing. I was so fed up that I even cried at that advert for chocolate digestives where the kittens come out of the packet of biscuits…

Since I’m now feeling a little better, I have been working on a quilt-top using the lovely fabric featured in my last blog post. The simple design is based on the pattern for a quilt-top found in one of the books that the husband gave me for Christmas; A passion for Quilting.  Here are a couple of pictures:

Vin du jour quilt top 2

Vin du jour quilt top 3

As modelled by Marmalade…

I have used fabrics from the Vin du Jour range (so very pretty!) sourced from Hulu Crafts and Juberry Fabrics and bought some lovely snuggly wadding from Eclectic Maker. I purposely bought fabric in colours that would coordinate with our living-room so this quilt will find a home on the sofa once it’s complete. The next challenge will be the actual quilting of the quilt-sandwich (for those readers who don’t quilt this is basically the quilt-backing, the wadding and the quilt-top). I’m hoping that my machine will be able to cope…

I also wanted to share with you my new dress, custom-made just for me by the lovely Becky of Becky Queen of Frocks:

New dress

The design is based on a frock that I bought from Dorothy Perkins a couple of years ago from their Billie and Blossom petite range. It was a lovely frock but it has shrunk considerably since I bought it so now quite frankly it’s almost indecent and, at the age of 32, I’m not certain that that I should be wearing something quite so short..

Last month also saw another meeting our Clandestine Cake Club. We were very happy to welcome three new members and we enjoyed some extremely tasty cakes. For this meeting, we decided on a theme of cakes from around the world. All of the cakes were truly scrumptious (sorry if this now sets you off singing) but my favourite was definitely the Chocolate Guinness cake. It was everything a cake should be; rich, moist and a good kick of chocolate! I made red velvet cake but I’m not certain whether I’ll make this again. It seemed to be lacking in identity; not quite chocolatey enough to be a chocolate cake and not really velvety enough to merit its name. There was no disputing that it was red however! The husband referred to it as a horror cake..

Red velvet cake

It does have something of the grotesque about it…

In other news, I was excited to discover that the Kaffe Fassett exhibition has now opened at the American Museum in Bath and I’m hoping to be able to have a sneaky peak in the very near future….but I’ll keep you posted!

April x