It’s been an absolutely lovely week. Not only has the sun been shining almost every single day, I have also been on leave. Next week I will start my new role but this week has been all about sleeping well, eating well, complete relaxation..and finishing my quilt. It’s quite amazing just how much you can achieve when you don’t have to be at work! So, I am happy to finally be able to share my first completed quilt with you:

Completed quilt 3

Completed quilt 2

Completed quilt 1

Even though it isn’t perfect (I still just can’t sew a straight seam), I am actually quite proud of this. It’s not been a completely straightforward make and it turns out that constructing and binding the quilt isn’t quite as easy as some experts would have you believe. I’ve also come to the realisation that we need a bigger house, one in which we have enough space for an entire sewing room, preferably with enough floor space to be able to properly spread out the quilt layers without having to move a sofa and a coffee table…

We spent a few days this week at my mother in law’s house in the peak district. It is a converted barn in a lovely little village and it holds a special place in our hearts as it is the place where my husband proposed and it is where we had our wedding ceremony. The garden was looking particularly beautiful so I took just a few pictures:

Mary's garden 1

Mary's garden 2

Mary's garden 3

Mary's garden 5

 Mary's garden 4

We had intended to have a few days out but as the weather was so pleasant we ended up spending a great deal of time just sitting in the garden.  We did however manage a little wander around the town of Ashbourne and I was also quite excited to visit Betty’s Sewing Box, which can be found in the former library building. The shop is a treasure trove of vintage and modern fabrics, buttons, notions and lovely gifts. There is also a large space for workshops as well as a lovely teashop. As it was such a beautiful day, we decided to have tea and scones at home in the garden. However, I fully intend to return to Betty’s in the near future to partake in a workshop and to sample some of the scrumptious-looking cake.

Well, I have had quite a productive day and it is a beautiful evening  so I am off to work on my next project whilst sitting in the garden!

Happy Sunday 🙂