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I have come to realise that I have a serious problem. I have an addiction. It is not one that there is a support group for. Indeed, any support group would only encourage my addiction. The time has come to admit it. My name is April and I’m a fabric addict.

I’m afraid to admit that I have been increasing my fabric stash this month. Firstly, I attended an open evening at my local fabric shop, The Fabric Place. There was wine, there were snacks and there was 20% off fabric. How could I resist? I intended to buy a small piece of fabric so that I could re-upholster the cushion of this chair:

Chair to reupholster

I bought a metre of this:

Red rose fabric

However, I also saw this remnant:

blue rose fabric

Unfortunately, they also had a large basket stuffed with fat quarters. So I also bought these:

Fabric place fat quarters

 I will be using some of this fabric to make pretty things to sell at a charity event in a couple of months.

Earlier this month, I spent a long weekend in Whitby with the husband and his family. It was lovely. We stayed in a beautiful house, ate quantities of delicious food, drank far too much wine and spent some time on the beach. As you can see, the sun was indeed shining over Yorkshire. It was glorious. My only slight disappointment was the discovery that cream teas ‘up north’ are served with whipped cream rather than clotted…

Whibty bay Whitby abbey

I may, ahem, also have found another fabric shop. Judith’s fabrics is a tiny, fabric-stuffed haven of delight for all fabric addicts. Ribbons and lace tumbled out of every nook and cranny, fat-quarters were stuffed into every available space and roll upon wonderful roll of lovely quilting cotton adorned the shelves that stretched up to the ceiling. It was barely 3 metres square but I could have stayed there all day. I limited myself to three lovely fat-quarters, which will eventually be part of a quilt for my bedroom:

 Blue fat quarters

I was just about to leave the shop when I came across this:

Teacup fat quarter

Thankfully, my sister-in-law took pity on me and purchased it as a slightly belated birthday present. I intend to use it to make an appliqué picture for the kitchen…

Well, all this fabric has to be stored somewhere! My little sewing space has been somewhat chaotic for the past month. Some serious sorting is needed. On Sunday, I attempted to impose a little order. A friend recently sent me a delicious present from Kiehl’s. If you’ve not purchased anything from Kiehl’s, I encourage you to do so. Or encourage your friends/husband/relatives to purchase them for you…. Anyway, I was delighted with my parcel, not least because the box is sturdy enough to be a very useful place to store my increasing stash of fat quarters:

 box of fabric

It is good to be able to begin to group my fabrics by colour. As I’ve already said, I’m not brilliant at deciding how to put fabrics and different colours together. This makes it a little easier…

I am also delighted to introduce you to my beautiful new sewing machine. I was a little daunted when I removed it from the box but a few hours with the manual and we’re good friends. My favourite function so far is the automatic buttonhole. All crafty makes from now on will have copious amounts of buttons…

 Sewing machine 2

However, I think that my sewing machine could do with a name. Any ideas?

April x