I can’t have been the only one who looked at the 2015 election logo and thought that perhaps it would be a good design for a quilt block? No? Just me? My husband certainly regarded me a little oddly when I mentioned it. It is highly likely that the election results have been the topic of much discussion during this past week. I’m not going to add to the conversation here. Indeed, having read this blog post by the eminently sensible Florence of Flossie Teacakes, I am going to keep my opinions decidedly to myself.

All we can do now is to look forward and, in that vein, I have been having a think about my blog and future sewing projects. You’ll have noticed that I rarely post on this blog more than once a month. It’s sometimes difficult to fit in sewing and writing (anything decent at least) with a full-time job. However, I recently came across Jennypurr, which suggests practical ways of objectively analysing your blog and planning your content. I try to be terribly efficient at work and always plan my workload but, strangely, I hadn’t really applied this approach to my blog. I have therefore been trying to use some of the time that I spend commuting on the train (when I’m not half-asleep) thinking about my blog content and possible sewing projects for the next few months. I am hoping that a little bit of planning might mean that I may be able to publish a few more blog posts.

Before embarking on any new sewing projects (and, ahem, buying any more fabric) I thought I’d finish a couple of little projects that have been sitting in my sewing box for almost a year. I completed the appliqué picture that I started at a workshop last year:

Embroidered house 2

I also made a cushion out of the Dresden-plate patchwork block that I completed several months (or possibly more than a year) ago:

Dresden plate cushion 2

Dresden plate cushion

Both of these are made using fabrics from La Belle Fleur by French General.

A few weeks ago, our little cat Mirabelle ran into a car. I say ‘ran into’ as she was being chased by another rather amorous cat and she ran out on to our road at some speed just as our neighbour was pulling off. We think that she ran into their wheel as she certainly gave her head a very serious knock and managed to break her jaw. As you can imagine we were pretty distraught but, thankfully, she is recovering now and hopefully there won’t be any long-term effects from her little accident. As her jaw needs time to heal, we are currently feeding her via a tube, which means that we aren’t going out of the house very often. Part of me is a little frustrated as we’ve had to cancel most of our social plans. However, on a positive note, this has provided a little time for some extra sewing. I’ve also started another project which I’ll perhaps share in my next post.

I was recently delighted to discover that fellow blogger Laura, of the Make do and Mend blog, had moved into our street. It’s been lovely to have someone with whom I can discuss all things blog-related. I am also looking forward to some crafting sessions, which will of course be accompanied by plenty of tea and cake.

Well, the sun is shining here in the midlands so I think that I will say goodbye for now and pop out into the garden.

I do hope that you’re having a relaxing Saturday.