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Today’s post will mainly comprise of photos from my recent trip to this year’s Festival of Quilts. As ever it was a veritable feast for the eyes and I spent a great deal of time perusing the competition quilts and the curated exhibitions.

Here are just a few of my favourites from the competition quilts:

Caravan and hexagon quilt

Butterfly quiltNautical

This quilt is called ‘Poem in Cloth’. The detail of the intricate stitching becomes clearer as you lean closer to the quilt. It is rather like analysing a poem!Poem in Cloth

I was particularly drawn to the mini-quilts:

Birds mini quilt

Every little thing gonna be alright mini quilt

Hug mini quilt

Who wouldn’t like a hug in a tiny quilt?!

There was a distinctly international theme to this year’s festival with a variety of exhibitions from countries such as Russia, Australia and Mexico. The quilts from Mexican artists were all themed around typical Mexican sayings and proverbs:

Mexican quilt

Little by little one can fill up a jar

Dirty laundry

Dirty laundry must be washed at home

A bird on the wire

There are birds on the wire

As the daughter of a musician I was also drawn to these little quilts, created around the theme of ‘Music’, by members of the European Quilt Association:

Musical quilts 1

Musical quilts- Germany

France music little quilts

I also had a long chat with the Chief Executive of the Quilters’ Guild and I was very sad to learn that the lovely Quilt Museum in York will be closing its doors very soon due to a lack of funding. Their last exhibition will take place in October so, if you haven’t yet found the time to visit, I would encourage you to make the journey. They have an extensive collection and I feel quite sad that, with such a revived interest in the art of quilting, this museum will have to close. If you are a fellow blogger on all things patchwork-related then please do post about this in your blog.

As the weather at the moment is distinctly Autumnal I shall leave today’s post with a picture of this woolly jumper quilt created by Textile Artist Gillian Travis.

Gillian Travis - Sweater quilt

I hope that, like me, you have been inspired by some of today’s photos so I’m off to do a little bit of embroidery and some EPP using templates purchased at the festival from Linapatchwork (one of my very few purchases!)

Happy crafting 🙂