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Hoorah! The sun has appeared! It has been almost (almost!) spring-like in this small corner of the midlands. There is something about the sun that lifts your spirits and somehow makes everything just that little bit more manageable. Plans shelved over the winter have been revisited and a little bit of sorting has been going on in my newly decorated ‘sewing-room’ (or ‘second bedroom’ as the husband likes to call it).

Whilst clearing out my sewing boxes, I re-discovered a little embroidery that I bought at last year’s Festival of Quilts. I can’t quite remember which sewing shop it was purchased from but the kit itself was created by the French company Il etait une fois (Once upon a time). They produce lovely little illustrations on fabric. Perfect for little ones!

First half of embroidery

Second half of embroidery

Now that I’ve embroidered all the lettering and little pictures, this will be turned into a soft book that will be gifted to some friends who have a little boy. Here is the complete illustration:

Full embroidery 2

My cat Mirabelle was clearly unimpressed by my efforts:

Mirabelle and embroidery

After I’d taken this photo, she proceeded to scrunch it all up with her paws…

As well as completing the embroidery, I also completed this fetching quilted pan-stand using the paper-pieced Liberty hexies that I wrote about in my last post. The little pack of Liberty hexagons, courtesy of Duck Egg Threads, were in my goodie bag from the Stitch Gathering last year.

Photo for blog hexagon pan stand

I bound it using ready-made bias binding and I was quite proud of my mitred corners! It may be a little too pretty to be used every day. Perhaps only for special occasions. It could be used as a stand for my lovely Royal Albert Teapot…


In addition to the sewing, I’ve also partaken of a little bit of singing over the past few months. Just after Christmas I joined a community choir and our first ‘gig’ will take place in a couple of weeks. If you’re feeling a bit low, there is nothing like a bit of singing to brighten your spirits and, as our rehearsals take place on a Sunday night, it is quite a good way to chase away the Sunday evening blues. As well as a number from Cats, we’re hoping to sing the opening song from Frozen, Frode Fjellheim’s Vuelie. It’s supposed to be unaccompanied but a bit more practice is still needed 🙂

Well, that’s all for this afternoon. I hope that, wherever you are, you have music and thread and that the sun is shining!

April x