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Oh what a terrible blogger I am. It has been so very long since my last post. Unfortunately, I have had a few issues with the internet. Superfast broadband does not seem to have reached our little corner of the midlands and the slow speeds meant that it was rather difficult to upload any photos But I have finally managed to coax a few onto this site so hopefully I can lure my readers back with pictures of pretty quilts…

Life has been extremely busy for the past few months. I’ve been working very hard in my new job and consequently haven’t had very much time or even motivation to sew. I have a great many projects on the go however so I need to get back to it. Perhaps the longer days and a bit more sunshine will provide me with the encouragement that I need!

We finally managed to take a break just before Easter and we spent a week on holiday in South Wales. We found a lovely lodge near the town of Narberth which overlooked a little lake that was home to several rather fat (and quite chatty) ducks:

I called these two crested ducks Barbara and Belinda. They were always the first to arrive when there was stale bread on offer…

There is so much to do in Pembrokeshire and, of course, there is some stunning coastline to explore. However, all this paled into insignificance when I discovered that there was a quilt exhibition taking place nearby! The Landsker quilters, who are based in Narberth, hold an annual exhibition to showcase their work and, this year, it took place at Picton Castle, which was only 15 minutes’ drive from where we were staying. Oh happy days!

I made a beeline for the gallery as soon as we arrived at the castle (the husband disappeared off somewhere)and I was delighted with the beautiful creations on display:

This was my absolutely favourite quilt. I spent quite a long time peering closely at it to try to work out how it had been constructed. I love the contrast of the dark blues with the pastel colours. Really clever.

This small quilt also impressed me:

I do admire those quilters who can deal with curves. They quite frighten me!

My eye was caught by this rather cute catty creation:

I was quite inspired by this sea-themed quilt too:

I’ll admit, I mainly went to Picton Castle for the quilts but, if you’re ever in the area, I would highly recommend a visit. The gardens are just beautiful. Even in early Spring there were lots of flowers and they had a wonderful herb garden which featured several herbs that I’d never heard of before.

Just before our little trip to Wales I also paid a visit to the British Quilt and Stitch village which is held at Uttoxeter racecourse. There were, as always, plenty of stalls where I could have spent my life savings on fabric but I’m happy to report that I was very restrained (it is the Quilt Festival next month after all…) and I mainly spent the time admiring the competition quilts. Here are a few pictures of my favourites:

I just loved the brightness of the colours used in this quilt. And how sweet are the little ears!

I loved the bright colours in this quilt too:

And this one:

It rather reminded me of a scene from a Dr. Seuss book!!

This beautiful appliqued creation also caught my eye:

I just don’t have the patience required to create something like this!!!

I thought this quilt was rather topical. I think that its title was something like Should I stay or should I go?

I’m not a huge fan of what is termed as negative space in quilting but I thought that this quilt used it rather cleverly:

I thought that the quilting in this particular quilt was just stunning.

Well, I do hope that you have enjoyed perusing the quilty creations in today’s post. For those of you who are quilters, I hope that you have perhaps been inspired. I certainly am…

Till next time…