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Well here we are again at my favourite time of the year; a time when quilters and patchwork-enthusiasts from all over the world gather (some with long-suffering partners in tow) to attend the annual Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. As my work-colleagues will attest, I’ve been going on about this fairly constantly for the past two-weeks and I absolutely couldn’t wait to spend a day immersed in all-things quilting. So I was up with the lark on Saturday morning and I positively danced to the train station to hop on the train (yes, that’s how excited I was..)

When I’m on the train I always play ‘spot the quilter’. Normally, attendees can be identified by: a) their handmade patchwork bags, b) the number of bags that they are carrying or a little hand-pulled trolley (in which, of course, to put all the fabric-purchases) and c) their comfy footwear. I don’t have one of those fancy gadgets that counts steps but I reckon that you’d cover a fair number at the festival. Not only is it a lengthy walk from the station to the exhibition centre but the exhibition space is absolutely huge so you do spend a lot of time on your feet. It’s therefore important that there is a plentiful supply of tea and cake and that tea-breaks are carefully planned into your day.

I could spend a fortune at the festival but I have to be very strict (this year I just needed to purchase a few additional Liberty fat quarters) so I mainly spend my time admiring the wonderful quilts. I took lots of pictures but here are a few photos my favourites:

I loved these fruity-themed creations:

This daisy quilt would be perfect in our bedroom. The stunning quilting gives it another dimension. I think that this quilt appeared in a recent copy of Today’s Quilter...

Daisy quilt

I wondered whether this quilt was hand-pieced:

Hand-pieced quilt

Was this one hand-pieced too?

EPP quilt

I thought that this was so joyful. I might even attempt to make my own version of the flowers:

Sunflowers and people quilt

I fell in love with this quilt. The attention to detail was just lovely:

Swedish quilt

My poor photo doesn’t really do it justice. I can’t quite remember its title but I think it was something like ‘My Swedish Home’. I took a close-up of of the sewing machine:

swedish quilt - sewing machine

I love the tiny hexagon quilt!

I was, as ever, drawn to the brighter and quirky quilts. This one caught my eye from across the exhibition hall:

Spotty quilt

I thought that the design would make a brilliant rug…

I took so many pictures that there may be more than one blog post that features these quilts! But I’ll leave you today with this bright and bold creation that I think might have won a prize:

Four seasons dresden quilt

As I’m working on a dresden-plate design at the moment, I spent quite a lot of time looking at this quilt (when I could get near to it!)

Well, I hope that, wherever you are, you are enjoying your evening/afternoon/morning!

Till next time!