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Quite a few of the bloggers I follow often start their posts with a series of pictures so I thought that, for today’s post, I would follow the same format:

It has been an eventful few months. Since my last post I have left one job, started a new one, viewed lots of beautiful quilts, joined a patchwork group, managed a little bit of sewing and taken up bullet journaling..

I left my previous role in early March without a new job to go to. I can admit now that it was quite unnerving. I hoped that I would be able to find something else reasonably quickly but I was equally determined not to rush into something that wasn’t right for me. I wanted to enjoy going to work again, wanted to sleep properly again, wanted to wake up without that horrid feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach every morning. Happily it took me just over a month to find something new and I hope that the new role will play a little more to my strengths. I have also changed my working hours to allow a little bit more time for sewing (and, ahem, blogging). Yay!

The first Monday that I didn’t have to go into work was quite strange. I thought that it would be liberating but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should be productive. Thankfully I had a new place to be; a newly set up Monday morning patchwork group run by Christine of Strictly Fabrics. Christine had been asked to impart her wisdom and knowledge of all things EPP to a group of beginners and, following this, she set up a patchwork group which takes place at the Canalside Heritage Centre. Our first task was to create some new cushions for the centre’s café. We used lots of recycled fabrics such as old shirts, skirts and tablecloths plus a few bits and piece of our own. The cushions were ‘launched’ (put out in the café, not sent into space) in early June. The group will also be holding an exhibition early next year. I am both excited by this and perhaps a little daunted at the number of projects that I will need to complete but I suspect that this will be the subject of future blog posts…

As you can see from the pictures I have been lucky enough to see lots of beautiful quilts over the past couple of months. In April I went to the British Quilt and Stitch Village; a small but perfectly formed show. As well as the beautiful quilts there was also some lovely embroidery on show:

The show at Uttoxeter may be small but it is lovely as it’s held in a smallish space and you can get around everything in an afternoon. The first few pictures above are quilts that I particularly liked. I am always more drawn to those that are colourful and vibrant! There are also just enough trade stands to keep you entertained, which ensures that you do not spend the entire balance of your bank account on fabric…

As well as visiting Uttoxeter this year I also managed to visit the Kaffe Fassett exhibition that is currently taking place at the American Museum in Bath. For this exhibition, Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably took their inspiration from quilts in the museum’s permanent collection and reimagined them using their own fabrics. The exhibition was really excellent and we spent lots of time trying to match up the original quilt and the newly designed quilt (they weren’t always hung next to each other). Here is an example:

The first tumbling blocks quilt is the original and the second is the recreated design (as modelled alongside my two wonderful friends from university who also enjoyed the exhibition and, although I have not yet made quilters of them, I will persevere!).

Visiting quilt shows is always good for inspiration and motivation so I have lots of plans for new quilty creations. But all this creating does need to be fitted in with everything else, which is one of the reasons that I have taken up bullet journaling. It is sort of like keeping a diary but it’s also a place to put lists, plans and generally keep track of all of that life-admin. When I was poorly a few years ago I had CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) during which I had to keep a journal of this type and I’d forgotten how helpful it can be. If you look on Instagram there is lots of wonderful inspiration. You basically get a notebook (ideally a dotted one but I don’t think it’s essential) and you set it up in the format that best suits your life. You can make it very pretty but you don’t have to. I bought a book to help me and, as this is my first bullet journal, I purchased one with pre-printed pages so that I can just get going. I hope that it might also help me more with writing more regular blog posts!!

Well, I think that’s enough writing for one afternoon. I hope that this little post has kept you entertained, encouraged you to visit your local quilt shows and to get quilting!

April 🙂