About Me

???????Well, where to start! Firstly, I should probably tell you that I am certainly not an expert seamstress. I grew up with a mother who could put together twenty pairs of GirlGuide culottes in one night (yes, she actually did this). She could, at very short notice, whip up a wood-fairy costume out of leftover green curtain fabric and she routinely provided a variety of hand-knitted woodland creatures to sell at school fairs. I, on the other hand, was banished from textile classes at school following an unfortunate incident with a sewing machine, could barely manage to knit a scarf for my long-suffering teddy bear and steadfastly avoided any type of craft-related activity. As time passes however, I realise (rather alarmingly), that I am becoming more like my mother. This does not bode well for my husband but it is at least good news for his bank balance as I find that I would rather fill our lovely home with hand-sewn items instead of mass-produced soft-furnishings. So, I found myself a second-hand sewing machine and I started this blog to document my adventures into the world of patchwork, fabric and quilting. The sewing machine has now been updated but my skills still leave a lot to be desired! I hope you enjoy reading about my sewing adventures or (occasionally) misadventures! In addition to sewing, I am somewhat addicted to cake, tea (well, I am British) and am now a completely converted crazy cat lady.. Enjoy!

April x

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